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>10 greatest rock songs of all time<
By Andrew Jacquet

JK Rockets featuring Johnny Kay
"Evolution of Rock 'n' Roll" Show
Celebrating the 60th Anniversayi of "Rock Around the Clock"
"Rock Around the Clock ... This song by Bill Haley and His Comets issued in the era of rock and roll... It was the first song that makes rock and roll mainstream. Rock and Roll was to dominate the US during the late fifties and through the sixties. This is hence one of the most revolutionary songs EVER."

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Johnny Kay

Frank Dobson

Stan Kay

Paul & Roberta Wilson

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"Evolution of Rock 'n' Roll" Show

Johnny Kay, lead guitarist for Bill Haley & The Comets (1960-72) and a part of Rock 'n' Roll history, is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the song "Rock Around the Clock" here in the Delaware Valley. "Rock Around the Clock", recorded on April 12, 1954 by Bill Haley & the Comets, became the first rock and roll recording to hit the top of Billboard's Pop charts, a feat it repeated on charts around the world. It is the biggest-selling rock and roll single of all time. A figure of at least 25 million was cited by the Guinness Book of World Records. "More than 30 million copies" figure was quoted by Star, as early as 1983. It is said to be playing somewhere in the world every minute of the day. Johnny will be performing this song in the show.

"Evolution of Rock 'n' Roll" is not your typical tribute show. It is a musical journey of early rock ‘n’ roll by a man who lived it. Johnny shares his stories about music before rock ‘n’ roll and what early rock ‘n’ roll was all about! The show features songs and artists that influenced Johnny’s 50 year career and some original songs too. He plays tunes from artists he loved and shared the stage with including Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Big Joe Turner, some British Invasion bands, and of course, Bill Haley and the Comets.

The show has added Paul and Roberta Wilson, who will perform R&B and Motown hits from Ray Charles, the Temptations, and more. Paul was a member of another famous local band the “Trampps.” Remember “Disco Inferno?” Roberta opened for Motown's Eddie Kendricks & The Temptations.

Johnny has a first too. In 1982, Johnny produced the very first VIDEO how to play the guitar instruction course to hit the market, "The Roots of Rock & Roll Video Guitar Course". It is still selling on DVD today. An anthology of Johnny Kay's work as a Comet called "Tale of a Comet", on Hydra Records (Germany) broke the top 20 chart as reported by Now Dig This magazine in England. He has just released his 5th album of original rockabilly/country songs called "Rock's Gone Country".

Come out & hear Johnny Kay’s stories, the songs that made rock history, great guest artists, and some new & original songs too.

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Original 1982 photo

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JK Rockets to blast off at New Candlelight Theatre


Vintage Videos...

Wembly Stadium
London, Sept 1972

Johnny Kay
(Lead Guitar)

> See You Later Alligator &
Rock Around the Clock

> Shake Rattle & Roll (1972)

> Paris, France (1966)

> Berlin, Germany (1964)


 Album  "Ready 2 Rock"
Rock A Beatin Bill